We specialize in helping individuals and companies redefine what’s possible.

For over a decade, we’ve helped individuals and companies create extraordinary transformation and success, expanding the boundaries of “what’s possible” to change, and re-imagining the very essence of how change can happen.

We’re experts in unravelling the “knots” that get people and organizations stuck, helping them transform those challenges into generative, creative solutions. When we’re working with you, we’re right beside you, bringing our expertise, passion and commitment to every step of the journey.

The Process


Our unique approach helps our clients understand complex situations with insight and depth, uncovering the critical leverage points that maximize change and minimize frustration.

Often, how you define a problem determines everything that follows. Mis-define the issue and today’s “solutions” will quickly become tomorrow’s problems. Our expertise is sorting through the complexity and the noise to make sure you’re focused in the right place, to create generative solutions that will work now and into the future.


We never impose a process or solution on our clients. The entire experience is custom built around who you are: your values, your vision, the way you work best, and the people around you.

Our design approach is somewhat unconventional: it works like a living system. The co-creative, collaborative process of designing the program is actually part of the solution itself, and it evolves and increases in depth and complexity over time.


Though there’s plenty of theory to support our work, our purpose is helping clients take action - precise, strategic, sustainable, inspiring action. In fact, action will already have started long before this step.

Most importantly, you’re not taking the actions alone or in a vacuum, we’re with you every step of the way.


Action is made most effective when it’s done with consistent cycles of feedback: learning from the action steps, integrating the insights and then re-focusing the next steps for accelerated progress.

In reality, all the steps inform each other and create a virtuous cycle of accelerated learning, transformation and success.

Some of our clients*

*This is a partial list of our current and former clients (a complete list can be sent upon request) and is not intended as endorsement or promotion by or on behalf of these companies.